E16/17 Inter-sessions Forum, Workshops


On the occasion of the Europan 16/17 Inter-session Forum, held in Clermont-Ferrand (FR) in November 2022, with the contribution of Clermont Auvergne Métropole, Europan proposed to the E16 award-winning teams from the nine participating countries to meet to design scenarios on the theme of the last session, "Living Cities", applied to local urban contexts. The teams had to form international and interdisciplinary design groups to explore two different urban contexts, two inhabited environments: one in the sector of la Cure in Lempdes, 11 km from CF, and the other, la Plaine du Bedat, between the communes of Gérzat and Cébazat at the gates of CF. How can we turn monofunctional suburban districts (business or residential areas) into living, ecologically friendly districts that work with local resources in a more circular economy? This was the question put to the Europan 16 teams, who had four days to work on this issue common to most small towns on the outskirts of central cities. The aim is to strengthen them by working on the ecological potential to be revealed and on the intensification and diversification of uses.

> Find here the presentation of the 7 projects of the Workshop