E16 Sites - Almendralejo (ES)

"Inhabitable Temporality"

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Location San José district. Almendralejo
Scale L urban / S architectural
Site Family Recovery - Intensifying Districts
Commission after competition Urban Planning document (Detail Study, Special Interior Re- form Plan or other). Housing re- newal project

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developed and Connected?
The economy of Almendralejo is predominantly agricultural. […] The Project Area focuses on the "Pisos del Marqués” sector, where language and other culture-related aspects hinder access to decent working conditions, health and social resources. […] The project will address a proposal of urban regeneration and rehabilitation, as well as the regeneration of the community, to achieve the neighbourhood’s cohesion and contribute with quality housing. At the architectural level, it will be primordial to tackle the rehabilitation of existing housing, so that the proper habitational conditions of housing and social spaces are reinstated.