E16 Sites - Auneuil (FR)

"Reactivation of Heritage"

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Location Auneuil, Oise (60)
Scale L urban and architectural
Site Family Care - Reinventing Rurality and Productive Heritage
Commission after competition Urban pre-operational study and/or urban and operational project management of public and landscaped spaces and/or architectural contrat

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developped and Connected?
The transformation of wasteland landscapes by the creation of productive interfaces can activate these spaces, which await identity and purpose. These interfaces generate relations between habitat and services, farming and urban fabric, places and populations, and generate a dialogue between humans, nature and their environment. These situations […] are part of an evolving and adaptable process. […] The desire for vitality relies as much on the "already there" as on new actors, future inhabitants to whom we must offer something extra, a high added value in order to reinvent rurality and heritage. The viability of the project must be economic, but also social, environmental and political.