E16 Sites - Limoges (FR)

"Vitalities of the In-Between City/Valley, Reactivate the Inhabited Slope"

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Location Limoges, France
Scale L & S urban and architectural
Site Family Care - Dealing with New Uses
Commission after competition Architectural and urban studies, project management contract

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developed and Connected?
By engaging in a process of conversion integrating its valuation over time, the site can create new complicity with the Vienne valley project as an element of entry and irrigation of nature, from the banks to the city centrer, allowing the inhabitants of Limoges to rediscover the leisure of a city. To do this, the renewal of the neighborhood must participate in the making of an eco-city and its development must be based on frugal urban planning, mobilizing a resource economy reusing and recycling existing spaces to allow this transition.