E16 Sites - Roquetas de Mar (ES)

"Between Two Seas"

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Location La Molina District (Roquetas de Mar) Almeria
Scale L/S
Site Family Recovery - Stimulating Interfaces
Commission after competition The Roquetas City Council is keen to build the winning project because it focuses on one of the city’s core functional areas

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developed and Connected?
Roquetas is built between two seas: the Mediterranean to the East and a huge plain to the West occupied by greenhouses, that is known as “the Plastic Sea”. […] The site is part of one of the big voids existing in the urban tissue that deserves a special reflection, taking into consideration its location. […] The ecological metabolism must be extended to the city by encouraging energy saving, the use of renewable energy and respect for Nature. It is also necessary to maintain and intensify the city’s social integration strategy. […] The project presented to Europan 16 is seen as a tool designed to intensify the sustainable metabolism and social integrationt.