E16 Sites - Selb (DE)

"Pilot Projects to Re-integrate a Neglected Street"

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Location Selb, Bavaria, Deutschland
Scale M and L, architectural and urban scale
Site Family Recovery - Stimulating Interfaces
Commission after competition Urban studies in cooperation with the town of Selb

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developed and Connected?
The project site is close to the town centre, but it is in decline, with a number of vacant buildings, a rather undefined public space and a streetscape that has nothing to offer pedestrians or bicycles. New strategies at all levels (architecture, public space, mobility) are needed to reactivate the area and integrate the residents into the process. […] This project is looking for answers on an urban planning and architectural level and seeking a method for developing a future-oriented project. The site of a former brewery could be one pilot location for transformations, including social uses and innovative forms of housing.