E16 Sites - Wernigerode (DE)

"Integrative and Strategic Urban Building Blocks"

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Location Town of Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt, Deutschland
Scale S, M architectural and urban scale
Site Family Revitalization - Making Territories Performative
Commission after competition Realization of two residential buildings 2023–24

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developped and Connected?
The two project sites mark the corners of a space that is today largely garden land with some small-scale development. From an urban planning point of view, it would be interesting to link traditional concepts from the garden city and settlement movements with the increased attention now being given to green spaces in the town for social and ecological reasons. […] Ideas for continuing diversity of use and for a mixture of housing with an integrative character are desirable. Propositions on sustainability and the circular economy are also welcome. Also appropriate would be a mobility and energy concept that is adaptable to the future.