E17 Sites that deserves your attention: Piteå (SE)

Piteå (SE)

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Location Piteå Municipality - Norrbotten
Scale XL/L
Site Family Think Tabula non-rasa! / Designing new habitats as a holistic environment

Commission after competition The prize winning team(s) will continue the work with the competition assignment in a workshop with the municipality, with an option for further work towards an implementation of the proposal, including workshops, various planning documents, illustrations, drawings and citizen dialogues.

Inhabited milieu's challenges
The main goal is to increase high-quality urban spaces and provide meeting places for all ages. Sustainable choices in everyday life should be facilitated by adding connections between areas and functions that today are separated. Increasing the presence of the surrounding nature into the city with new green areas, facili- tated accessibility and sight lines, is seen as valuable. In the same time the access from the city to the water and its surrounding green areas must be improved and facilitated.

Questions to the competitiors

  • How can the barriers between Piteå city centre and the recreational area by the water be bridged, while adding a new railway and expanding the city?
  • Where should a transportation hub most strategically be placed to function as a hub for the new area and the existing city?