E17 Sites that deserves your attention: Torrelavega (ES)

Torrelavega (ES)

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Location Torrelavega
Scale L/L
Site Family Let the birds sing! / Reimagining public space as a biodiverse landscape

Commission after competition Special Plan for Internal Reform (PERI).

Inhabited milieu's challenges The imminent burying of the railway line that has historically segregated the neighbourhood proposed in the competition offers a unique opportunity to reverse the situation of ignorance of the river Saja-Besaya. The proposed site makes it possible to work on a landscape, urban and architectural scale. It is a question of stitching, of integrating, of contributing to the most important transformation of this Cantabrian city, so closely linked to the competition, where today, the winning team in EUROPAN14 is carrying out the transformation of the National Livestock Market.