Europan 13 Calendar

Europan 13 will be launched next March 2nd, 2015, on close to 50 sites in 15 European countries. In the meantime, get prepared with the important dates of this new session:


Mo. March 2nd, 2015: Launch of the competition on the European website and opening date for registrations

Fr. May 15th, 2015: Deadline for submitting questions on sites and rules
Fr. May 31st, 2015: Deadline for answers on questions on sites and rules 

Tu. June 30th, 2015: Deadline for submitting documents
Fr. July 3rd, 2015: Deadline for controlling submissions

July-October 2015: Shortlisting of entries by the national juries
October 2015: Comparative European analysis of the shortlisted ideas and Forum of Cities and Juries
November 2015: Final selection of winning projects by the national juries Results

Fr. Dec. 4th, 2015: Announcement of the results
November 2016: Inter-Sessions Forum