Europan 16 Results

Living Cities


677 projects submitted on 40 sites in 9 european countries
40 winners – 41 runners-up – 46 special mentions

677 projects have been submitted in the Europan 16 competition on the 40 european sites in 9 countries.

The 9 juries of the 16th Europan competition have named in total 127 teams among which 40 winners (prize of 12 000 euros each) and 41 runners-up (prize of 6 000 euros each), plus 46 special mentions (honorary prize). The 127 winning teams are based in 17 different countries.

>> Click here to download the complete list of prizes

>> Click here to see the press release and the 9 juries reports

We will publish in Spring 2022 the E16 RESULTS CATALOGUE presenting the winning projects with the winning teams’ and the juries’ points of view as well as with experts' analyses of the results from the angle of the innovating proposals on the session theme. The catalogue will be available for sale on the European website and in bookshops and for free online consultation around the same time.

During 2022, PORTRAITS of the rewarded teams will be published online. An EXHIBITION of the winning projects will be set up for the Inter-Sessions Forum in Fall 2022, to which the winning teams will be invited.