Europan 17 - 30 days until the deadline

Europan 17 Living Cities /2. The deadline for submission is 30 days from now, Sunday 30th July, at 23:59 (UTC+2).

For those who have not yet registered: It is not too late, go to the Europan Europe website to register and submit your project to one of the 51 sites in Europe!
For those who have already registered, don’t forget to finalise your project and submit it. 

Tips and advices to all the teams participating in the competition:

- Remember to upload all your documents before the competition deadline, you can already upload your identity documents, copy of diploma and the author and partnership statement on your submission page.

- If possible, don’t turn in your documents at the last moment to avoid last minute problems!

- In order to respect anonymity, it is imperative that teams do not communicate about their projects on social networks before the publication of the results in December 2023.