Not too late to answer Europan 17: Have a look at the five exciting Swedish sites for E17 in Nyköping-Skavsta, Piteå, Rimbo, Skellefteå and and Växjö!

Nyköping, the challenge is to develop this unique intermodal node by the international airport as a resilient and self-sufficient area where working, commuting, travelling, services and recreation are interwoven.
Piteå's competition task is to expand the town centre, create new high-quality urban spaces for all ages and increase the presence of nature in the city with the development of a new district as a bridge between the city and the shoreline.
Rimbo, the task is to plan a new vibrant town centre as a place to live, work and visit that reflects the town´s identity and history as a rail hub and an expansion to the centre reshaping the entrance to Rimbo.
Skellefteå, the competition task is to design new housing in an attractive environment, on a former industrial site where the land is partially contaminated, taking care of  the surrounding nature.
Växjö, the task is to investigate how the structure within the hospital block can be developed to create connections with the city, to suggest new programmatic content and determine how the existing buildings can be reused or transformed.

Europan Sweden strongly promotes the municipalities to involve the prize-winning team(s) in implementation processes. The last sessions had successful implementation processes : the winning Danish team in Karlskrona E14 "A blue entrance to the city in the sea" is now working further with municipality to produced a vision plan. In Halmstad E15 the winning team of the project "Connection Hub" were further tasked by the municipality to draw up a Structure plan for the "Station City" and are responsible for the project.

The E17 jury is composed of:

Fredrik Drotte, (SE) Architect and Planner. Head of Urban Planning and Innovation at Vincero. Stockholm
Björn Förstberg, (SE) Architect at Förstberg Ling  Winner E15, Malmö, Sweden
Camilla van Deurs, (DK) Architect and PhD in Urban design, Chief City Architect of the City of Copenhagen
Cecilie Andersson, (NO) Architect and PhD in Architecture. Vice-Rector and Associate Professor at Bergen School of Architecture 
Johan Paju, (SE) Landscape architect, Paju Arkitektur och Landskap – Stockholm
Meike Schalk, (SE) Architect and PhD in Theoreticaland Applied Aesthetics of Landscape Architecture,Docent in Architecture at KTH School of Architecture. Stockholm
Rebecca Rubin, (SE) Architect and Urban planner. Head of social sustainability at Sveafastigheter

Not to late to answer!