Europan 17 Info

Europan 17: The evaluation phase and the Forum of cities and juries in Vienna (AT) November 10th and 11th, 2023.

The 11 Europan juries all meet in September and October for the first time to pre-select around 25% of the 856 projects submitted.
Then the representatives of the 51 sites in cities and the members of the 11 juries will meet on a European scale in Vienna on November 10th and 11th during the Forum of Cities and Juries to debate on a European scale around the preselected projects.

This Forum will include an open day on November 10th to discuss themes and possible implementation processes based on references from previous sessions.
The second day is reserved for cities, juries and E17 organizers to jointly search for common themes and criteria for the evaluation of the preselected projects.

The juries will designate the winning projects before the end of November (winners, mentioned, special mentions).

Announcement of results on December 4th on the website

For more information on the forum: