Monograph #28


Together – An urban strategy for a housing project

Wien (AT)
Architect: studio uek
Client: Wien Holding / GESIBA

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How to revitalize a former industrial site taking in account all the several scales? How to link the different development projects to create a dynamic district? How public space can act as mechanism of integration?
The architects from studio uek, winner of Europan 9 in Wien (AT), proposed a re-interpretation of the urban district so that existing qualities are enhanced and re-valuated. Their housing project reacts to the insularity of the periphery: it forms a new island which clearly separates the outside to define an inside. The so generated courtyard is equipped, considering the residents, with specific programmes. On the inhabited roof level common areas and pathways are offering a tour over the roofs […]


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Editions EUROPAN, Oct. 2014
Text in English, German - 96 pages
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