Reminder for submitting your projects

Short reminder of the conditions of submission for the projects:

  1. Each team can enter submissions on several sites, provided that those sites are located in different countries and/or assessed by different juries. Yet, one team cannot divide into several for the submission.
  2. The items to be submitted online are as follows:
    • Three A1 Boards: These boards –594x841mm– should be laid out vertically and numbered from 1 to 3 in the top right corner. The top left corner is left blank on a L:60mm x H:40mm box in which the code for anonymity will automatically be printed. The name of the city has to appear next to it. The team is free to decide on the positioning of the proposal title. The content of the boards is as follows:

Board 1 explains the urban ideas developed in the project with reference to the city’s concerns and the thematic orientations of the proposal.
Boards 2 and 3 present the project as a whole, highlighting the architecture of the project, and more particularly the relationship between the new developments and the site’s existing context, including three-dimensional representations of the project.

All graphic and descriptive documents must have a graphic scale. Proposals have to be written either in the site language or in English.

    • Digital Document: The digital document is a horizontal A3 (420x297mm). The top left corner is left blank on a L:60mm x H:40mm box in which the code will automatically be printed. It is composed of 7 pages maximum explaining the content of the project by means of texts, schemes and/or drawings. The texts are in English only or in English and in the language of the country.
    • Personal Information on Team Members: Documents for the disclosure of names and verification of the validity of the proposals shall be scanned and uploaded on the team’s online personnal area. This includes:
      1. The team’s personal form and the declaration of author- and partnership and acceptance of the competition rules, available online on the team’s personnal area; to be filled out and signed.
      2. For each team member: 
        • A scanned copy of an ID document with a picture, providing evidence that they are under the age of 40 at the closing date for submission of entries (see calendar.)
        • A scanned copy of their European degree as an architectural, urban or landscape professional (architect, landscaper, urban planner…) or proof of such a status under the law of a European country.

The digital envelope should not include any other documents than the ones listed above.

Please note that you can check the reception of your project (Entry menu, link at the bottom of the right-hand column) but not of the ID documents.
If your documents are close to the weight limitations and you have problems uploading them all at once, try one by one and it should work perfectly fine! This may be due to your documents' weight and the Internet connection.

Submissions are now entirely digital and can only be done through the European website before June 28th, 2013, at midnight (Paris time).