Competition Team

Nicolas Barnavon (FR), architect

Europan 13 Bondy


Team Point of View

Counters of Bondy
“Bondy’s’count” gathers the forces in presence to put in motion the transformation of the city from the inside. It allows increasing and diversifying the activities of the zone, adding services and spices to the franchised boxes, using the different times of the city.
e plan to progressively modify the all-car structure of the area in order to create a neighbourhood opened towards the canal. The area is stimulated through a game of actions, using the progressive capacities of the industrial warehouses and the parking lots. The project looks under the skirts of the warehouses to unveil the richness of the commercial landscape.
“Bondy’s’count” takes the road towards post-commercialism, using warehouses as scenery, taking the time of prefiguration to step forward in designing and debating the city.

Jury Point of View

The project accepts the quality of this generic shopping area which the team calls a strip. It enhances its characteristics while transforming it and ultimately converting it to a post-commercial landscape, in which the shed, the typical typology of such fabric, becomes the decor for a new habitat. The proposal undertakes a gradual renewal of the area on itself, retaining its economic programme but diversifying its activities and services. The simplicity of the project’s constitutive idea, based on small interventions, can lead to stimulating results that are open to future changes in retail patterns.

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