Der Weg ist das Ziel!

Competition Team

David Vogel (DE), architect

Europan 12 Kreuzlingen / Konstanz


Team point of view

The task was to open the site up naturally, crossing the barriers of railway tracks and national borders. This happens with the “Highline”, which” creates a direct connection between the centres of Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. At the midpoint will be a cultural building which works as a gateway to the other side. It defines the other side spatially and forces transparency and exchange on the basis of common history and topography. It`s the hotspot for the exploitation of “Klein Venedig”. In a further phase, the old shore is exposed again. This creates an island, designed as recreational area. The concept offers a chance for an adaptable and sustainable urban development which will bring both cities and the lake closer together.

Site informations

Kreuzlingen / Konstanz

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