Espoo loop

Rasmus RODAM  (DK)
Katrine JUUL (DK)
Rasmus Kruse JENSEN (DK)
Ulrik Sylvest NIELSEN (DK)
Kristoffer Bitsch (DK)
landscape architect

Europan 7 Espoo


In Espoo Keskus the distinction between city and countryside is blurring. The city is not concentrated around a single core in the traditional sense, but shifts between different focal points. Espoo Keskus possesses the potential of becoming a strong pole of attraction because of its accessibility and virgin areas.
The project suggests a new type of suburban centre - The Loop. The Loop responds to the need for urban public spaces and coherence in the urban sprawl by creating spatial intensification. The Loop connects the dispersed areas and creates at the same time points of attraction. The Loop is a circle of activities that generates attention, values and investments. 
The MAP contains the controllable public investments and guidelines.
The CATALOGUE contains relevant typologies for the interest groups (investors, citizens, municipality etc.).
The SCENARIOS describes and tests the typologies in the CATALOGUE together with the guidelines from the MAP.

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This project is connected to the following themes

Mobility - Urban Generator

The project combines a spatial and a programmatic strategy, using a loop layout to give coherence and identity to several scattered areas, with different programmes defined by a map, a catalogue and a scenario.

Shared spaces - Link - promenade

The project proposes a loop that creates a new urban centre, a public space, a promenade, which connects “anchor points” and is open to a range of uses.