Global fields


Europan 8 Palmela


"Global fields" is a reconstruction of a new landscape that depends on the principles and resources of the local and dynamics of the global to re-establish the relationship between the urban and rural space.Terrain distinctiveness, the disorder in existing backyards and the intention to connect the main public spaces of the village define the project. The Interpretation Centre is placed near the caves. On the opposite but at an artificially constructed level, is the Multi-purpose space preserving the Church’s scale and greatness. The frame made by the perimeter walls hides the back of the existent houses, but also supports a cover, creating shadow areas to all activities. An agricultural park adaptable to the fields’ rules allows the requalification process of houses and surrounding backyards, in order to avoid new constructions.

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This project is connected to the following themes

Mobility - Urban Generator

The boundary between urban and rural areas is developed as a “backbone” of public spaces that activates a sequence of pedestrian pathways and squares. This transversal mobility introduces a significant and strong spatial coherence across the existing structure.

Shared spaces - Programmatic patchwork

The project introduces the notion of “Global Fields”, a flexible agricultural park that occupies the undefined in-between spaces and, moulded by the local rural patterns, creates a new type of public space.

Nature - Topography / ground

The project follows the idea of the fragmented by creating a built frontier and redynamising field straps.