Sara Reichwein (DE)
architect, urban planner

Europan 11 Amsterdam


I AMSTEL 3 is a process that transforms the vacant mono-functional non-place of Amstel 3 into a multilayered and vibrant district. The project is based on a definition of its future user groups and their needs.
Starting with the creation of three initial points, Amstel 3 will be transformed punctually. These public spaces are coded for different user and usage groups to encourage a self-driven characterization of the district.
Contiguous vacant office spaces are transformed into residential flats, tailored to the specific needs of the pioneer groups. Whilst the rest of Amstel remains almost untouched, the initial points will send impulses into the area through small constructional interventions. In addition, it attracts new users and types of usages from the city by creating hotspots of activity.

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This project is connected to the following themes

Habitat - Time

The proposal is focused on a step-by-step development, including a first stage oriented for the pionners. After upcycling progressively the vacant offices stock into apartments, with the ongoing intensification, new potential dwellers will be attracted and new buildings will appear on the scene.