Mesures ligériennes

ateliergeorges + atelier laetitia lafont architecte

Cities of Savenay and of la Chapelle Launay
Communauté de Communes Loire et Sillon
Pôle Métropolitain Nantes Saint-Nazaire


Competition team
Thibault Barbier (FR)
Landscape engineer
Laetitia Lafont (FR)

Europan 11 Savenay


The “Mesures ligériennes” are introduced as “reliance” tools witch are, mainly articulating the initial boundary with a territorial strategy. They are expressed as a “physical reliance”, a pedestrian bridge operating “cultural reliance” between the north and south bank of the railway: built form, architecture, uses and programs in progress are inspired from the context and interact to write a common story, the story of Savenay and the ecocity. They propose new alliances and cohabitations with the plain’s natural milieu, a hybrid landscape reinterpreting the hedge farmland’s grid and the estuary’s hydraulic system. They operate and link the economical procedures and the local constructive resources in order to create “reliances” for a specific way of development, “ligérienne”.


Following the competition, the 3 prize-winning teams on the Savenay site have been put in competition for an urban contract on 6 years around the development of a masterplan, the feasibility of architectural programmes and the design of public spaces for the Loire Sillon Station district. In November 2013, the winning team get the contract, which began in 2014 and should be completed in 2020.
To extend the method proposed in the Europan competition, the “mesures ligériennes” are associated around three themes of reflection which for the team, build the district. It is question of “alliances with the plain” or how to deal with the water; “links and affinities with the city” or how to cross and link; and finally, “the emergence and way of life of the future district or how to live and work here.
These themes are gradually developing into a co-production process with local stakeholders through various tools – from walking diagnosis to thematic workshops. All these exchanges and dialogues allow the team to develop their masterplan that they will submit in February 2015.


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This project is connected to the following themes

Nature - Cycles / resources

The neighbourhood of the train station is perceived with links to urban, landscape and regional issues. Architectural (traditional typologies), landscape (countryside hedges) and economic (fields of material) specificities of the territory constitute a process of interventions reinforcing productive relations between natural and urban milieus.

Competition entry - 09-2013
Competition entry - 09-2013
Competition entry - 09-2013