Terres vives, les nouveaux communaux

Competition Team

Maia Tuur (FR), architect urbanist
Yoann Dupouy (FR), architect urbanist

Europan 14 Grigny & Ris-Orangis, Grand Paris Sud (FR)


Team Point of View

Beyond inhabited urban areas, between the two municipalities, the site appears today as an interstice, as a leftover of the functional planning. In the Middle Ages land without private ownership was considered as a common ground, a land for all the inhabitants. The project proposes to revive the idea of shared space for temporary uses beyond economical reality by creating The New Commons – a ground to all kind of experimentations of production. A gradual management of the land uses without land ownership opens a new way to develop the interstices in the cities and offers a possibility to link the “wasted” ground to its living environment. A central institution “Terres Vives” unites all the actors “concerned” and carries the ecological ambition of the territory.

Jury Point of View

A relevant approach, noted for the position it takes on real estate, time and soil uses that directly address site issues. By constructing the project around common actions and shared uses, this proposal can lead to small-scale, on-site experiments related to a more fine-tuned spatial vision.

Site informations

Grigny & Ris-Orangis, Grand Paris Sud (FR)

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