• Europan 9
  • Mulhouse
  • runner-up

Maarten Baeye (B)
Karen Kesteloot (B)
theoretician of architecture and urban planning
Lauren Diericks (B) 

U&I blocks


The need of refurbishment as well as the need to densify the housing stock is taken as an opportunity to redefine the built and the open space on the Cité Sellier. The backbone of the masterplan composes four enclosed blocks defining the entity of the existing park-like space at the centre of the site. I-shaped slabs enclosed by U-shaped slabs emphasise the concept of inner gardens for each building unit. 

In the progress of construction and demolition, the building blocks turn gradually in qualitative morphological entities, whereby enclosed gardens with different characters are moulded. The result is a tapestry of small neighbourhoods embedded in a bigger whole. 

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