Europan Generation, the reinterpreted city

  • Edited by Europan + Cité de l'Architecture
  • 224 pages
  • May 2007
  • Format 20x29,7cm
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Europan Generation, the reinterpreted city

Europan Generation, the reinterpreted city

This catalogue paints the portrait of some twenty young architects and their agencies through the ambitious constructs that have emerged out of the Europan competition. Starting out from these early experiments, their skills have grown and deepened through professional practice at the interface between the city and the architectural object.

Created 20 years ago, Europan is a network of organisations stretching across 22 European countries, with the goal of bringing onto the European stage young talents in the field of architecture and urban planning. Europan also provides a springboard into professional practice, by helping them complete their first significant projects on strategic urban sites.

These young teams use the Europan framework to structure a professional practice that is ambitious both in form – pluralistic, mobile, Europewide international teams – and in content – a diversity of skills covering strategic themes: landscape, environment, densification, housing diversity, mobility and infrastructure integration.

Ten to fifteen years after winning the competition, in practices spanning the whole of Europe, these professionals are embedded in the transformation of the city and are the best evidence of Europan’s role as a mediator between Europe’s urban needs and the new generations of designers.

Architects of sustainable landscapes, architects of density and diversity, architects of the suburbs and of infrastructure. It is these three emerging types of practice that form the backdrop to the team portraits presented here. In each case, the Europan winning construction is linked to four key words, each referring to a strategic concept that is further explored in four subsequent projects.

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