n°23 - Plérin-sur-Mer (FR) - E3

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  • January 2006
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n°23 - Plérin-sur-Mer (FR) - E3

Weaving the urban fabric

Monograph No.23
40 housing units, Chalutier le Forban avenue, Plérin-sur-Mer (FR)
Architects: CITArchitecture - Olivier de Boismenu, Denis Cronier, Pascal Lefebvre, Lucas Meister, Jean-Michel Veillerot
Clients: Harmorique Habitat, City of Plérin-sur-Mer


How to adapt in a modified context, from Saintes to Plérin-sur-Mer, ideas on the theme of relationship between private spaces and public spaces, using the same architectural vocabulary? How in this new urban context, to create the alliance of micro-urbanities and domesticated nature?

The idea of creating a micro-urbanity in a residential island, which was prize-winner in Saintes for Europan 3 competition, was realized by Olivier de Boismenu, Denis Cronier, Pascal Lefebvre, Lucas Meister and Jean-Michel Veillerot and transposed to Plérin-sur-Mer in a diffused suburban context as an alternative to the detached house on its own plot of land. Continuity and a certain compactness have been structured within a fabric of little density, paying particular attention to transitional spaces in order to foster relationships within a group of 40 dwellings. Terraces and planted alleys help to create fine gradations between public and private, producing a half-rural half-urban inner area and spacing out that allows people to approach without annoying each other, as if promising possible but not enforced contacts with others.

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