n°24 - Linköping (SE) - E4

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  • November 2006
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n°24 - Linköping (SE) - E4

Åleryd, reinterpreting tradition

Monograph No.24
44 apartments and communal building with sauna in Linköping (SE)

Architect: Asko Takala
Client: HSB Östergötland


How to convert a former hospital complex in new variable type of housing and services? How to manage the local dualism of scale of a locality that is marked both by the past and modern Scandinavian societies?

The architect Asko Takala, Europan 4 winner in Linköping (Sweden) has developed a concept in relation to the common open and fluctuating green space opening to the oakwooded hill. The architect proposes a modern Swedish tradition of unobtrusive row houses in close relationship with nature. The simple-volume housing zone is separated from the traffic road in the west by a line of garages and extends itself toward the park in the east. Paths cross the area for different needs, interests and feelings. In a defined context, the houses are flexible, implemented with durable materials in order to create a warm, secure feeling, a familiar and attractive environment. Landscape and building belong together.

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