Launch and Registration

Mon. 27 March 2023
- Opening of the competition on the European website
- Opening date for registration on the European website and download of the complete site folders
- Possible registration until the deadline for the online submission (July. 30th, 2023 at 23:59 - Paris-FR summer time)

Site Visits

Site visits are organized by the local and national officials on each site between April 15 and June 15, 2023. Dates and terms of participation are advertised on the European website (see the sites individual webpages). These visits are organized in person. Some of them may be mixed, face-to-face and virtual. A report is available on the European website within a maximum of 2 weeks after the site visit.

Questions on the Sites and Rules on the Europan Europe website

Fri. 2nd June 2023, 23:59 (Paris-FR summer time): Deadline for submitting questions
Fri. 16 June 2023, 23:59 (Paris-FR summer time): Deadline for answers to questions

Submission of Entries

Sun. 30 July. 2023, 23:59 (Paris-FR summer time): Deadline for the online submission of the projects
Mon. 31 July. 2023: Publication on the European website of a temporary list of submissions
Tues. 1st Aug. 2023: Deadline for contesting the provisional list of returned projects with supporting evidence
Fri. 4 Aug. 2023: Publication of the final list of submissions


Aug. - Oct. 2023: Shortlisting of entries by the national juries (around 25% max. or at least 3)
Beginning of Nov. 2023: European Comparative analysis of the shortlisted ideas at the Forum of Cities and Juries
Nov. 2023: Final selection of entries by the national juries


Mon. 4 Dec. 2023: Results Announcement on the European website
Nov/Dec 2024: Inter-Sessions Forum E17/18