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11 juries have named on 51 sites in 12 European countries*

among 815 submitted projects on the theme LIVING CITIES/2

The winning projects are announced on December 4th, 2023, and the list of winning teams per site and countries is available online on

The 11 juries have named 49 winners, 52 runners-up plus 57 special mentions. The 158 winning teams are based in 14 different countries – 59% won in their residence country; 41% won abroad. The winning teams that were most motivated to compete abroad are located in Italy (12 teams out of the 13 winning teams based in Italy won a prize on a foreign site (92%), in Spain 18 teams out of 40 (45%), in Germany 6 out of 20 (30%), in France 8 out of 35 (23%)...

The EUROPAN 17 – an European competition of urban, landscape and architectural projects leading to implementation, is conducted in partnership with European municipalities, local authorities and clients– and is organised as a joint initiative by 12 European structures.

This session topic was: Living Cities (2) prolonging the E16 theme.

The 11 national juries drew up a shortlist of 237 proposals between July and October 2023. These jury sessions were followed by a European comparative analysis of the shortlisted ideas, which took place at the Forum of Cities and Juries held from Nov. 10th and 11th, 2023, in Vienna, Austria. The final selection of the winning projects by the national juries was done by the end of November.

The 815 teams which competed, in which all members are younger than 40, are composed by associates considered as authors of the projects and assisted by collaborators. The average age of the associates is 31 years old.

Each winning and runner-up teams, respectively, receive a prize of 12,000€ and 6,000€, so overall 900 000€ are distributed.

In response to the territorial challenges, the awarded projects propose different complex, global and dynamic spatial reconfigurations in damaged inhabited milieus in order to revitalize biological and human communities.
On the basis on what is already there, with a care approach, they repair mistreated spaces - reinforcing, regenerating or creating qualities of hybridization between nature and culture;
They link the scale of strategic and dynamic reflection on territories (the large-scale structuring ecological challenges) with the scale of local spaces and their qualification;
They propose projects-processes as a way to involve all actors with their diversity and their differing roles in a phase of negotiation, on the basis of innovative ideas including the way to implement them. So beyond a communication phase (exhibitions, catalogues, debates, workshops), the cities and their partners commit to follow some of the projects through urban studies, strategic plans and implementations.

During 2024, the winning teams’ portraits will be published on Europan Europe website – An exhibition of all the winning projects will be set up during the Inter-Sessions Forum in 2024, to which the winning teams will participate.

All the awarded projects will be on line on An E17 Results Catalogue will present the winning ideas and juries’ points of view. Experts will analyse the results from different angles connected to the theme “living cities”. The catalogue will be available for sale (on the European website) and for free online consultation (low definition).

* the 12 countries who participated in Europan 17 are Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Slovenija and Sweden.

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*Europan is an European network of architectural, urban planning and landscape ideas competitions for young designers who take care of inhabited milieus, and followed by implementation processes