Waalwijk (NL)

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Scales L/S

Team representative Architect, urbanist, landscaper
Location Taxandriaweg, Waalwijk
Population City 55 000 inhabitants

Reflection site 19,5 ha - Project site 4,35 ha

Site proposed by Municipality Waalwijk
Actors involved Municipality Waalwijk
Owner(s) of the site Municipality Waalwijk

Commission after competition Follow up design (or research by design) assignment on imple- mentation at the project site (or a site with similar challenges) commissioned by the municipality of Waalwijk and/or private partners. All Dutch locations are situated in the urban region called SRBT. The SRBT is an urban regional network of 1 million inhabitants. Each sites represents prototypical design challenges within this region.

More Information

Inhabited milieu's challenges

Waalwijk is growing at an accelerated pace to 55,000 inhabitants. This increase in scale makes it necessary to raise the level of facilities in the city. Employment in Waalwijk is growing fastest in all of Brabant, which is a great incentive to facilitate the further development of companies in and in direct surroundings of Waalwijk. This quantitative and qualitative leap requires that Waalwijk is an integral part of the larger urban network with good regional connections.
The car traditionally had a prominent place in the streets of Waalwijk, but we want to give space to a wider range of mobility other then train.Various forms of transport, must be part of this to make the city more accessible. The aim is to better connect the city as a whole with the region.
Because Waalwijk does not have a train station, a new vision on the value and position of public transport is necessary in the urban fabric of Waalwijk. A new mobility system that is adaptive in time and promote the growth of the city and its economy. By combining mobility system with; housing, programs related to the logistics businesses, cultural programs Waalwijk aims to create a new urban area with an unique identity which can increase the well-being of people and their environment.

Questions to the competitors

On the Project site, propose a transformation and densification strategy that fosters exchange between local residents and workers in logistics companies by providing space for socializing, co-working, product launches, workshops and so forth.
Propose a mixed-use area with diverse housing types that can accommodate the housing needs of local residents and logistic workers (150 - 200 new homes, 1-bed and 2-bed units).
Integrate a public transport (±4 buses) within the Project area and in addition describe a vision of smart mobility concept for Waalwijk.
Present a phasing out strategy for current parking (±350 cars) located on the site. Ultimately the future parking needs could be located on the northern side of the highway.
The presence of the highway and its associated noise is a challenge that needs to be addressed in the design of the buildings. The highway functions as a mental barrier. How to overcome this?
Within the reflection area, how can the qualities of the existing morphology be enhanced while at the same time find strategies for urban densification and Improving the connections?

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This site is connected to the following theme

Designing new habitats as a holistic environment

Some nature reserves around the world are deserts –hot or cold–, but they host all kinds of animals and microorganisms hiding in the cracks and crevices, under the rocks. Some of our sites look empty, vacant, but they are not. They are full of life: in the soil, in the air, in the breeze. They are part of a larger balance of natural forces and processes. On these sites, substantial new volumes of programme are required. Think of these sites as the opportunity to multiply the number of life forms, think of the request to build new habitats as an opportunity to design a holistic environment. Think tabula non-rasa!

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