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Backyard Forward!

Graz (AT) - Mention Spéciale

Représentant d’équipe: Anna Kübler (DE) – architecte urbaniste
Associés: Christiane Kolb (DE) – urbaniste et architecte paysagiste; Leonard Higi (DE) – architecte urbaniste

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Ana. Kübler, L. Higi & C. Kolb

In our opinion the typology of the backyard can serve as the backbone of that characteristic development described above. The backyard, typical typology in the city of Graz, mediates between the different morphologies on site – detached housing in the second row and Kärntner Strasse. It also accommodates different sub-typologies which attract multiple uses. The common yard area promotes exchanges and communication and creates its own identity. In addition, this area can be developed and used in different ways and at multiple times, which plays a major role in a sustainable strategy considering scarce land resources within cities.

Perspective of Kärntner strasse
Backyard's perspective
Axonometry: backyard development as linking
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