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La Bazana (ES) - Mention Spéciale

Représentant d’équipe: María Anguita García (ES) – architecte
Associés: Antonio Miguel Bonilla Eslava (ES), Pedro Ortiz Soto (ES), Violeta Ramos Expósito (ES), Paula Herrera Fernández (ES)  – architectes
Collaboratrice: Clara Fischer del Hoyo (ES) - étudiante en architecture

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P. Herrera Fernández, C. Fischer del Hoyo, V. Ramos Expósito, P. Ortiz Soto, A. Bonilla Eslava et M. Anguita García 

Rethinking La Bazana as a Transition City means to establish a process. This is a long-term action with several phases pursuing different goals. Through these goals, the project aims at increasing both the autonomy and the empowerment of the local population. Therefore, it will develop strategies of food sovereignty, minimization of energy dependence and strength of the productive fabric, among others. All of them will be implemented valuing both the landscape and the territory where the project is developed. The productive sphere cannot be considered more relevant than the reproductive one (people and environment). For this reason, those strategies that promote the productive fabric need to be thought from the territory. We consider fundamental both the participation of the community during the process (bottom-up process) and the incorporation of approaches that look at global environmental aspects, landscape and heritage.  

Axonometric view of La Bazana in 2026
Prototype system for an European
small-scale city

Participatory strategic processes of various
areas in La Bazana
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