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The Difficult Wall

Cuneo (IT) - Mention Spéciale

Représentant d’équipe: Andrea Alberto Dutto (IT) – architecte
Collaborateurs: Andrea Aliangena (IT), Chiara Genta (IT), Andrea Giordano (IT) - étudiants en architecture

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A. Aliangena, A. Giordano, P. Ortiz Soto, C. Genta et A.A. Dutto   

For us, the concept of ‘production’ is crucial. Indeed, to be honest, we do not think that a serious project can be undertaken without thinking about how it might reflect on the economic structure of its site. Let’s consider Cuneo, for instance; for those who know this city, it is evident that it is a success story, in terms of urban identity, expressing its commercial, mercantile roots, namely the backbone of the historical centre, characterized by a repetition of shops aligned along a continuous portico. In addition, linear structures and other elements like the covered markets and commercial squares, which in many ways express the social economic identity of the location, bear witness to the city’s cultural dignity. 

Hence, in order to clarify what we mean by production, we might say that, for us, it represented a way to choose a precise moment in the history of the city, in which it seems that the form of architecture adheres to a specific phenomenology. Thinking about production has helped us choosing the project’s starting point: a basic raw material that is essential to achieve an effective conception for the site.  

Axonometric view of the project
Detailed masterplan

Day market of Cuneo
Retour en haut