Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E14


Platja de Palma (ES) - Winner

Représentante d’équipe : Catalina Salvà Matas (ES) – urbaniste architecte Associé: Hector Ortín Isern (ES) – architecte
Collaborateur: Pol Sarsanedas Coll (ES) – architecte

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P. Sarsanedas Coll, H. Ortin Isern et C. Salva Matas

"Agora 4.8 means to give s'Arenal a new urban centrality from the implementation of 4 work vectors that work on identity, metabolism, productivity and city urban relations translated into 8 project strategies. Recover the identity of the city through spaces that allow citizens to recognize it, redesign them collaborating with their own metabolism and paying special attention to the management of the water and energy cycle, moving from the consumption city to the productive city through the management of natural resources and the incorporation of measures to reduce energy demand and consumption as well as promote local production, and finally generate a network of public spaces that allow the exchange between the different urban layers."


14936_default_exchange.jpgProject strategies14937_default_exchange.jpgAxonometric view of the project14938_default_exchange.jpgStreet as an ecological and landscape