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Oulu (HR) - Lauréat

Représentante d’équipe: Ewa Odyjas (PL) – architecte Associée: Agnieszka Morga (PL) – architecte

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E. Odyjas et A. Morga

"The negative post-industrial heritage – brownfield plots as well as the event of mass unemployment are highly expected to get their subjectivity in order to become recognized as a potential of change. Considering resiliency as highly desirable effect, the key idea of the project is to redevelop and bring the waterfront back to the common public space and make it self-organizing, self-sufficient integral part of the city with some of its spatial features ready to remodel in order to follow rapidly changing conditions. Since over-scaled investments generate significant risks, with all their negative consequences, the proposal include a set of spatial tools empowering the citizens to take grassroots participatory acts in the re-development. "


Axonometric view 
Ground perspective of the project
View of the housing units


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