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3 L's for Liesing

Wien (AT) – Lauréat

Représentant d'équipe: Vicente Iborra Pallarés (ES) – architect Associés: Iván Capdevila Castellanos (ES), Jorge Luís Socorro Batista (ES) – architects
Collaborateurs: Marina Bonet Bueno (ES) – architect;  Agustín  Morazzoni (AR) – civil engineer and architect; Alberto Carbonell Crespí (ES), Riccardo Galandrini (IT) – architecture students  

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R. Galandrini, J.L. Socorro Batista, M. B. Bueno, A. Carbonnel Crespí, V. Iborra Pallarés, A. Morazzoni et I. Capdevila Castellanos


"We conceive Liesing as the LAB to test a new identity capable of catalyzing a process of urban renewal that realizes the new paradigms of industry 4.0 in which ideation, design, production and leisure occur in the same urban space. This agonistic urban vision seeks to activate idle life in parallel to productive life.

And this identity should not only symbolize but also build new values associated with a cleaner, more efficient and intelligent industry… in short, more sustainable. But it must also be able to build new values associated with a more educated and aware society. "


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