Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E14


Cuneo (IT) - Mention Spéciale

Représentant d’équipe: Andrea Benelli (IT) –  architecte
Associés: Davide Lucia (IT), Elisa Monaci (IT), Vincenzo Moschetti (IT), Luisa Palermo (IT), Giacomo Razzolini (IT) – architectes 

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D. Lucia, E. Monaci, L. Palermo, V. Moschetti, G. Razzolini & A. Benelli

The project intends to safeguard both the richness of the landscape, an urban and rural landscape to be brought back into the city through its infinite polychromes, and the historical memory of the in-tervention area, through a comparison and rewriting project. Thus a new spatial system is set up which presents itself as a new weaving of the city, ready to accommodate many and always different attractive activities, becoming an educational and collective place, and therefore a productive one.

Building A, view from the theatre 
Axonometry of the project
Perspective from the inside
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