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Aschaffenburg (DE) - Mentionné

Représentante d’équipe: Mercè Amat (ES) – architecte

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M. Amat

The proposal consists in transforming the built environment by integrating new outdoor spaces in the three different scales of the competition: the Street, the Building and the Apartment. The new outdoor spaces are designed to promote the appropriation of the existing by adding new green areas with rich vegetation that will offer a friendly atmosphere for the citizens. In addition, the project proposes the integration of two commercials spaces in the ground floor and the basement of the building just by making a small structural intervention to integrate new uses in the plot. All these combined will help to foster a vital urbanity and transform the existing environment with low land use into a new, domesticated and lively urban area.

Streetview of the project
Masterplan of the street in the strategic site
Perspective of the building
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