Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E14

Waterfront Twist

Helsinki (FI) – Mentionné

Représentant d'équipe: Jari Lonka (FI) – architecte Associé: Antti Mentula (FI) – architecte
Collaborateurs: Matias Celayes (AR), Julio Orduña Sanches (FI) – graphistes 3D 

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J. Lonka, A. Mantula, J. Orduña Sanches et M. Celayes

"In the future much of the expansion of Helsinki region will be based on the transformation of highways into urban boulevards. We saw the competition as a chance to explore the possibilities of this future field of design and to come up with new innovative solutions proactively. When it comes to productivity there’s a vast unharnessed resource in the energy and ideas of people regardless of their status as residents, workers, entrepreneurs etc. We believe that creativity and unexpected solutions emerge when given a chance."


Aerial view of the site project
Urban synergy implementations:
Ground & First Floor
Urban synergy implementations
for residents & businesses


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