Sites E15 - Oliva (ES)

Régénération Résiliente

Localisation Els Rajolars, Oliva, Valencia
Échelles de projet XL/L - territoire / urbain + architecture
Famille de site IMPLANTER - Usages productifs et relier les organismes
Phase post concours Plan stratégique de viabilité

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Oliva City Council, in response to the future challenges for its urban planning, wants to regenerate the Southern edge of its main urban core, an area known as "Els Rajolars", and employ various transport modes to improve its connection with the rest of the municipality and the different supramunicipal transport grids. The site is an old and largely abandoned industrial zone, with a powerful identity projected by former brick factory equipment and facilities (heritage-listed chimneys, kilns, large drying areas and buildings). This urban area, planned for residential usage, is in a strategic location: a transition zone between the city and the market gardens, and also between the city centre and the important natural mountain environment. It is also close to urban areas with serious vulnerabilities (the old town, La Carrasca), making it an alternative development zone for Oliva.

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