Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E15

Hybrid Parliament

Rotterdam Kop Dakpark (NL) - Lauréat

Représentant de l’équipe : Miquel Ruiz Planella (ES) – architecte ; Associés : Joan Gener González (ES), Adrià Orriols Camps (ES) – architects ; Collaborateurs : Ariana Ribas García (ES), Daniel Gómez Massana (ES) – architectes

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A. Orriols Camps, J. Gener González, M. Ruiz Planella

"Productivity emerges from the network of complexities derived from new ways of inhabiting, working and leisure. Thus, the issue should not only be regarded from a functional point of view but from a social, cultural and ecological perspective. Hybrid Parliament acts as a multifunctional inter-scalar structure that holds all range of activities, from farming in the productive façade to artistic scholarships and social cures in the technologically equipped platforms, and to stimulate humans to a myriad of actions that will lead to innovation in an environment of comfortable, relaxing and spontaneous meeting."


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