E16 Portraits - Building up on Values

Levanger (NO) - Mention Spéciale

Building up on Values

Associés : Jonian Silaj (GR/AL) – architecte urbaniste, Eirini Xanthopoulou (GR) – architecte
Collaborateurs : Iraklis Romanopoulos (GR), Irene Pighi (IT), Alessandra Bonaccio (IT) – architectes

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"We consider that to connect socially or physically is as basic as to have shelter. This had consequences in the way that we started to think about the steps that we needed to thoroughly take to start giving answers to the themes and the sub-themes of Europan and more specifically to the study and project site. Starting from the level of the urban planning to infrastructure system to public space design and architecture, therefore from macro to micro, we aimed to bring a level of elaboration (from “doughnut planning“ to complex planning) which led ud from monofunctionality of spaces to a considerable social (broad or local) connectivity and vitality."