E16 Portraits - Devising the Milieu

Istres (FR) - Mentionné

Devising the Milieu

Associés : Erica Zanella (IT), Nicolò Sciolti (IT), Stefano Zuppelli (IT) – architectes

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"The site mutation triggers the metabolic activities in the moment in which it takes into account the needs and the rythm of the citizens and the users of his facilities. It’s been really important for us to read the interviews and the opinion of the everyday-inhabitant of the ECC. Following their suggestions and their evidences we have been able to provide solutions that answered to what they asked for. The modular-parasite structure gives the possibility to answer to many different tasks issued by the involved subjects, with his intrinsic versatility and usage-eclectism. It acts as a performative object able to create and transform the existing, dividing and altering the space, enhancing new connections and programs."