E16 Portraits - Greenmad

Madrid (ES) - Special Mention


Associé : Marcos González González (ES) – architecte
Collaborateurs : Carmen Povedano Olleros (ES), Hernán González González (ES), Pablo Javier Navas Diaz (ES) – étudiants en architecture

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"The project approach sets in crisis the current concept of the city and its function, breaking the limits that are against natural, rural and urban concepts. However, it doesn’t develop a thorough urban model, but it creates a global logic based on a sustainable idea. The proposal aims to open a path to a new urban transformation which involves the different human activities (productive, industrial and services process). The architectural typology designed can be understood as a “productive green infrastructure” that would form part of the different services of the city. The settlement it’s made to fill the empty urban spaces which would reactivate the activity of the site."