E16 Portraits - Reveal, Relink, Rebuild

Levanger (NO) - Mention Spéciale

Reveal, Relink, Rebuild

Associés : Gustavo Figueira Serrano (ES), Diego Diaz Mosqueira (ES), Álvaro Itarte Pérez (ES) – architectes
Collaborateur : Javier Pombar Guillán – 3D designer

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"The core strategy that drives our project is to reveal the natural, economical and social values that already exist in Levanger, but that somehow are hidden or disconnected. Referring to the topic of Europan 16 “Living cities”, we realised that Levanger didn't need any external strategy or invention to create new synergies between city and nature. But to connect and make visible its existing ones. Levanger is already surrounded by an outstanding nature, has a clear identity and hosts an incipient entrepreneurial scene around media production. Thus, we believe that bringing the citizen closer to these values, can leverage its consciousness towards them, leading to a healthy and sustainable future living."