E16 Portraits - The Third Space

Risøy (NO) - Lauréat

The Third Space

Associés : Charlotte van der Woude (NL) – architecte paysagiste, Lynn Ewalts (NL) – architecte, Johan van Ling (NL) – urbaniste, Thijs de Boer (NL) – urban planner
Collaborateur : Rick Buurman (NL) – 3D-Visualist

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"Third Space transforms Risøy’s in-between zone from a border and non-place, to an inclusive space where a productive mix of harbor, residential and tourism activities is created. Here, the contrast between these differences is encouraged, without losing its own identity. To make living cities we have to blur borders. For us, this represents the Third space: an in between borderless space where new identities can be formed, reformed and develop over time."