E16 Portraits - Viriditas Ante Portas

Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE) - Lauréat

Viriditas Ante Portas

Associés : Tom Macht (DE), Falk Jähnig (DE), Simona Rošer (SI) – architectes, Gabriel Kriss Edouard (BE) – architecte paysagiste
Collaborateur : Hong Trang Mai (DE) – architecte

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"We made the transition to a greener space our main feature and structured everything else around it. We created a green space that cuts through the valley, connecting the forested slopes with each other and forming a new, straight edge for the town’s centre, similar to the green belt of the former town walls encircling the medieval core. Thus, a new, clearly visible entrance to the town can be established, highlighted by a tower. In addition, the orientation of the green space, perpendicular to the direction of the valley, allows fresh air to flow down the slopes and reach the river, thus cooling the whole area. Broad spaces for rainwater retention enhance this function even further, adapting the site and its surroundings to the challenges of climate change."