E17 Portraits - Solstice, ou Le Contrat Vivant

Courcy-Grand Reims (FR) - Lauréat

Solstice, ou Le Contrat Vivant

Associés: Manon Vandenbussche (DE) – paysagiste-conceptrice, Olivier Chenevier (FR) – architecte et paysagiste-concepteur

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"By questioning the notion of milieus, the second edition of the theme "Living Cities" exposes a clear fragility regarding the consideration of life at all its scales of understanding. The Solstice project strives to examine the necessity of a plurality of environments within the BA 112, but also on the scale of Grand Reims, and then at the regional level. This transgression of administrative boundaries thus involves resonating the operation of the base with the territorial structure and instigating the systemic mutation of human and non-human living spaces."