E17 Sites that deserves your attention: Graz (AT)

Graz (AT)

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Location Graz, Styria
Scale XL/L
Site Family Imagine a Second Life! / Transforming neighbourhoods and buildings towards an inclusive milieu

Commission after competition There is a definite intention to involve the nominated team in the strategic processes and master planning.

Inhabited milieu's challenges
How will the spaces of the city change if we imagine a future mobility in which streets are no longer streets, but public space. With the upcoming infrastructure node in Graz-Gösting, there is a significant opportunity to drive a shift in mindset. This potential can be showcased through three key aspects:

  • The mobility hub: Share your ideas on the mobility hub and how the spaces connected to mobility can give rise to new social identities, spanning from the local to the regional level.
  • Wienerstraße: Elaborate on your perspective regarding Wienerstrasse and how the concept of future mobility would alter the nature of space.
  • Thalerbach Creek: Discuss your thoughts on the integration of green and blue infrastructure with mobility spaces, exploring the possibility of synergy between the two.