E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

A Moment Apart

Nin (HR) – Special Mention

Team Representative: Jimena Alonso Díaz (ES) – Architect; Associates: Cristina Sánchez Bueno (ES), Pablo Rodríguez (ES) – Architects

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J. Alonso Díaz, P. Rodríguez & C. Sánchez Bueno

"The aim of this proposal is to make the most of the resources of the City of Nin, to turn it into a small productive town, reinventing its possible uses, and opening new frontiers for the future. Its activities will be reinforced and transformed throughout the year to cover different months with equal intensity. Activities based on the same resources, exploited in different ways as part of the same objective to complete a cycle, so that a series of synergies are created between the different agents of this new economy."


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