E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Ex-Changing Production

Pantin (FR) - Runner up

Team Representative: Andrea Guazzieri (IT) – architect
Associates: Valerio Ciotola (IT), Raul Forsoni (IT) – architects
Contributor: Margherita Giubelli Bortolami (IT) - writer

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R. Forsoni, V. Ciotola & A. Guazzeri

A productive city is a frame of never-ending change, both material and immaterial. Our project set the guidelines in order to achieve a scalable and sustainable development that is able to respond to the needs of the individual citizen. It was our intention not to impose a change but to encourage a constant evolution of the spaces available to citizens.

Perspective of the Renault square from the
Ourcq canal
Overall view of Pantin

Axonometric drawing of a productive 
urban block
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