E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Graz (AT) - Winner

Team Representative: Luigi Costamagna (IT) – architect; Associate: Celia Cardona Cava (ES) – architect
Contributors: Gabriele Cagini (IT) – economist; Paula Camila Godoy Gutierrez (CO) – interior designer; Alessandro Talò (IT) – architect; Lorenzo Giampietro (IT) – archaeologist

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P. Godoy Gutiérrez, A. Talò, C. Cardona Cava, G. Cagini, L. Costamagna and L. Giampietro

”There is not only one main issue but three, which are interlinked. First: production in a circular economy scenario; Second: participatory design; Third: ecological issues. The site needed a rethinking of the traditional productive strategy, that we translated into a transition from horizontal to vertical factories, followed by the establishment of synergies between existing and future enterprises within the circular economy scenario.”


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