E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Head in the clouds

Alcoy (ES) - Special Mention

Team Representative: Adrià Orriols Camps (ES) – architect
Associates: Sara Vima Grau (ES), Joan Gener González (ES), Miquel Ruiz Planella (ES) – architects

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J. Gener González, A. Oriol Camps, M. Ruiz Planella & S. Vima Grau

The main issue of our project is the decision not to create a building but a scenario. An equipped and comfortable representative space defined by a technological artifact, a shelter for thought and innovation to occur by the means of its free use by people. Our answer to the session main topic "place of productive activities within the city" assumed as fundamental the need of innovative ways to address productivity. With this aim, we considered the urgency to purpose spaces that are capable to incubate and stimulate new relationships and ideas. Our approach to progress, development and growth in social and economic terms is not mainly market production based, but it focuses on the enhancement of critical thought, creativity, empathy, collaboration and collective reflexive intelligence.

The atmospheric artefact
Shelter for thought

The creative plane
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