E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Kriens (CH) – Runner up

Team Representative:  Camille Cochet (FR) – architect 
Associates: Clément Boitel (FR), Florent Girelli (FR) – architects

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C. Boitel, C. Cochet & F. Girelli 

"We believe in the history and legacy of the soil as an element of urban and landscape anchoring. The question that could sum our proposal would be: How to offer back to Kriens its industrial enclave, founder of city’s modern era ? 
On the other hand, the question of the « lieu » must be solved - in adequate measure - with this notion of pre-existing substratum, like its DNA. If, as given in the program here, the aim is to establish housing and equipment as a regeneration force (through private shareholding), the challenge is to structure them around shared and / or public spaces - often absent from industrial areas. This is what we set using old railway layouts existing on site to contour public or private areas. This can be summed up in the creation of a land register. "


Frontal view of the project
Detailed map of the project


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