E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Ny Karla

Karlskrona (SE) - Runner up

Team Representative: Mariachiara Mondini (IT) – architect Associate: Giulia Ragnoli (FR) – architect

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M. Mondini & G. Ragnoli 

"The main issue of our project was to answer the real need of the city of Karlskrona: a new way to interact with the sea trough an attractive district with a strong identity. The aim of the project is to reinterpret the concept of the ‘archipelago within the archipelago’, using the rules of the city and the scale of its objects to create a new floating district. The sea is taken as a platform of a new urban morphology where the presence of the water allows the city elements to be more flexible and moveable. Ny Karla proposes new way of living the sea inviting people to experiment it. To be productive again is thought as a possibility to realize an unconventional settlement of experiences. Public, private and production are mixed together to create a space that can work 24 hours per day, 365d per year in a variable composition that can be adaptable and sustainable. Contrary to the static zoning approach, our project suggests to bring different programs to work together: the housings are blend with the marina and the facilities are diffused around them. The idea is to follow the demands of the ever-challenging society and the desires of different cultures and personalities."


New entrance of the city from the sea
Masterplan: archipelagus formae
The floating city


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