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Bègles (FR) - Special Mention

Team Representative: François Lepeytre (FR) – architect
Associates: Hector Hernandez Carrillo (MX), Cinthia Aguirre Veiga (PE), Ernesto Apolaya Canales (PE) – architects; Gaël Brulé (FR) – sociologist; Grégoire Alix-Tabeling (FR) – designer

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F. Lepeytre, H. Hernandez Carrillo, G. Brulé, E. Apolaya Canales, C. Aguirre Veiga & G. Alix-Tabeling

A problem naturally emerges from the particular site: how to develop a city, that is to say: housing, shops, daily uses of urban space, within an inhospitable productive site that has to remain? This project is, for us, the opportunity to imagine new synergies between the different actors in the production chain. The ones we named in our project the "thinkers makers and users", are the innovation, the production and the inhabitants-actors that we want to connect to an axis along the old railway, from the digital city and its start-ups to factories and production buildings through existing and suggested living places. This axis of development perpendicular to the Garonne River would be the backbone of the project development, linking the heart of Bègles to its river bank and would enter into a metropolitan network of perpendicular axe to the river. The idea is to imagine how to foster future interactions needed for 21st century production.  

Masterplan of the project
Perspective of the project
Section of the Cluster: a social coproduction
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