E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

The Great Park - Jordanne River gets Down Town

Aurillac (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Simon Gabillard (FR) – landscape architect
Associates: Héloïse Boujou (FR) – landscape architect; Mercè Pages (ES) – architect
Contributors: Manon Bouju (FR), Manuel Hennin (FR) – economic analysts; Louise Bassigny (FR) – interior architect; Clément Berthollet (FR) – landscape architect

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C. Bertholet, H. Bouju, L. Bassigny, M. Bouju, M. Hennin, S. Gabillard & M. Pages

"The Great Parc is an extensive public space with multiple uses, including car parks, energy production and activities. In Aurillac, the city center is productive, the countryside is productive. The site is at the interface : how can it be more than a service area, wiped out / faded by (the ubiquity of) cars and the closed walls of the Engie brownfield ? The Great Parc acts as an interface between productive activities, and as a place for emerging productions. As specialists of space design, it is not our role to decide which productive activity will be established, (no more than we can declare producing social link) - this is up to citizens and actors of Aurillac, and it requires dialogue with them. But we can design the frame : creating capable spaces that are hybrid, flexible, generous, mixed, that generate frictions and encounters - spaces to inspire and receive this activities."


Rediscovering the Jordanne's shores
Axonometric view of the project
Hybrid spaces
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