E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Narvik (NO) - Special Mention

Team Representative: Márton Tövissi (RO) – architect
Associates: Mihai Buse (FR),  EmÅ‘ke Forró (RO), Boris Girin (FR) – architects;  Elinor Scarth (GB), Etienne Haller (FR) – landscape architects

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M Tövissi, E. Forró , M. Buse, B. Girin, E. Haller & E. Scarth

In the context of a relatively small city with limited means, we propose punctual interventions on existing buildings to improve instead of removing them. At the same time, we propose additional buildings completing the existing sites configuration. Through this pragmatic approach we see a realistic way to turn the site in a short period of time to an effective place of production in the city. We understand different expectations about the program and propose to affect each part of it to the different buildings of the site according to their intrinsic qualities. 


View from the Main Public Courtyard
space to Fagemesfjeller Mountain
Masterplan of the project

View of the Bromsgards Park to the
Working Yard
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