E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

A Blue Entrance - to the City in the Sea

Karlskrona (SE) – Winner

Team Representative:  Magnus Haahr Nielsen (DK) – architect and urbanist
Associate: Stefan Jesper Gründl (DK) – architect

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Magnus Haahr Nielsen & Stefan Jesper Gründl

"Karlskrona has a unique location in the Swedish archipelago. Situated on islets in the sea Karlskrona historically served as a naval base of Sweden. We have been inspired by the relationship between the city and the topography as it is the historical premises and the very essence of the city. In the same way, the site previously used as an oil harbour is reasoned due to its proximity to the sea. The land reclamation ground facilitating the oil harbour - and the overall historical foundation of the city, as a city in the sea, was obvious contradicting elements that had to be resolved within the project answer."


Masterplan of Hattmakareholmen and
Aerial view of the project site
Section: Österleden and the crossing


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