E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Wohnterrassen am Schillereck

Aschaffenburg (DE) - Winner

Team Representative: Guobin Shen (CN) – architect Associate: Kilian Juraschitz (DE) – architect

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G. Shen & K. Juraschitz  

To us the main issue was to reconnect the city instead of creating barriers. The lower traffic volume will create the possibility to reconnect both sides of the street and to develop an urban structure on the northern side. Combining new production and business with residential uses into this area entails a great enhancement potential. Another important focus was put on the productivity of the city. After the traffic reduction more pedestrians are expected along the Schillerstraße. Therefore, the ground floor zone should be upgraded from pure to mixed-use residential units with a big commercial potential. Variety of space structure is suggested for new commercial uses and services to the converted street environment. Additional double-height spaces will also be provided to bring more productive activity back to the neighbourhood. The structure is characterized by its high ceilings and openness with less pillars for flexible use. The separate entrance for traffic will not disturb the quality of the square.


Axonometric view of the project
Perspective of the project

Schillersquare: the urban meeting place
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