Europan Generation(s)

With Europan Generation(s) Europan explores the development of the winning teams and show their post-competition practices to better understand the direct & indirect effects Europan can have and the way winning ideas can further develop. What are the practices of the former winning teams years after their prize? Did they create an office? What type of projects do they design? Is there a continuity between the europan winning ideas and their further projects?

DLW architectes

"The competition and everything that followed led us to create our current office. […] The Europan title has been identified by certain clients and personalities in the field of urbanism as a guarantee of a quality way of thinking and has opened us the door to participate to other competitions. […] Meeting other winners of the competition in the beginning of our career comforted and encouraged us to create our office, independently of the architectural styles of the each one of the previous."

Read the portrait here

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