Europan Generation(s)

With Europan Generation(s) Europan explores the development of the winning teams and show their post-competition practices to better understand the direct & indirect effects Europan can have and the way winning ideas can further develop. What are the practices of the former winning teams years after their prize? Did they create an office? What type of projects do they design? Is there a continuity between the europan winning ideas and their further projects?

AA&U for Architecture, Art and Urbanism

"The structure itself of AA&U, which combines architecture, urbanism and support structures, emerged from our practice for implementing the Europan 4 project. Winning Europan did not have a label effect on our office, due to the fact that neither Europan, nor urban design culture is established in Greece or in Cyprus. We had no direct order or acknowledgment by clients. However, Europan had a substantial effect on us both professionally and academically. Our experience in implementing the Europan 4 project in Iraklion, helped our office in winning architectural competitions in Cyprus open to all Europeans."

Read the portrait here

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